Upcoming Projects
Refinery Upgradation

In order to further improve product specifications and enhance value added products’ volume, ARL is evaluating possibility of taking different business initiatives. These initiatives would include capital intensive projects like installation of a Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) Reforming Unit and revamp of existing Isomerization and SR Reformer to further improve quality and production of Premium Motor Gasoline (PMG) and revamping of the existing Diesel Hydrodesulphurization Unit (DHDS) for production of Ultra Low Sulphur diesel. After this up gradation ARL would be able to produce Euro-V grade PMG and Diesel.

Major Upgradation & Expansion Projects
Isomerization, Preflash and Diesel Hydro Desulphurization Unit

Diesel Hydro Desulphurization (DHDS) unit: A 12,500 BPD unit was installed to reduce sulphur contents in the High Speed Diesel to meet Euro II specification.

Preflash unit: This has increased refining capacity by 10,400 BPD.

Isomerization unit: A 7,000 BPD unit was installed to enhance production of Premium Motor Gasoline (by about 20,000 M. Tons per month).

Expansion of existing Captive Power Plant by 18 MW.

Captive Power Plant

In 2000, a Captive Power Plant with installed capacity of 7.5 Megawatt was commissioned.

Heavy Crude Unit and Reformer

The expansion and upgradation project was completed in 1999 with the installation of a Heavy Crude Unit of 10,000 BPD for heavy crude refining capacity increase and a Catalytic Reformer of 5,000 BPD for gasoline product upgradation.

Howe Baker Units

During the period 1970-78, reservoir studies indicated high potential for crude oil production of around 20,000 BPD in the region. In 1981, the capacity of the refinery was increased by the addition of two distillation units of 20,000 BPD and 5,000 BPD capacity. A 3,000 BPD capacity was also added to these units through de-bottlenecking projects.  The old units for lube/ wax production, as well as Edeleanu, were closed down in 1986.