ARL Corporate policy on human resources is to attain the highest standards of professionalism throughout the organization
by recognizing and revealing individual capabilities, productivity, commitment and contribution.

ARL firmly believes that the continued progress and success of the Company depends upon to a great extent on its
personnel – that only with a carefully selected, well trained, achievement orientated and dedicated employee force, the company can maintain its Leadership in the Refining industry.

And because the most valuable asset of the company is its personnel, ARL has the following human resource policies:

  1. Employ the best-qualified persons available, recognizing each person as an individual thus affording equal
  2. Pay just and responsible compensation in line with the industry standards, job requirements and work force.
  3. Help employees to attain their maximum efficiency and effectiveness through a well-rounded training and
    development program.
  4. Provide and maintain comfortable, peaceful and orderly working conditions.
  5. Promote from within whenever possible and provide opportunities for growth and promotion to the employees.
  6. Treat each employee with fairness and respect and in return expect from him in service marked by dedication,
    devotion, commitment and loyalty.
  7. Encourage each employee to improve and develop himself and thereby prepare him for positions of higher
  8. Recognize and reward efficiency, team work, discipline and dedication to duty and responsibility.
  9. Exhaust all means to resolve Labor-Management differences, promptly and amicably, if any.
  10. Provide a wholesome and friendly atmosphere for harmonious Labor Management relations.