As a responsible corporate entity, Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) is cognizant that natural energy resources are not only scarce but also very precious and need to be optimally utilized. Ever-increasing environmental consciousness as well as market competition demands enhancement of energy efficiency and energy conservation where possible. Energy conservation positively impacts environment and goes a long way in reducing green house gases and other hazardous emissions.

ARL is committed to produce quality petroleum products by employing economical energy efficient processes and equipment. It is our goal to reduce energy consumption where possible by regular monitoring and up gradation. We believe that energy efficiency and optimization is the key to sustainable development.

In our economic and development strategies, we focus on initiatives that will use energy resources more efficiently. To further enhance the energy management, ARL has set the following energy objectives:

  • Use of Robust, Scientifically Sound Technology

    This will enable the optimization of the existing resources and employing energy efficient equipment while protecting the environment.

  • Energy Management

    ARL believes in setting realistic targets pertaining to energy efficiency and conservation and review them periodically to ensure sustainable growth.

  • Responsible Development

    ARL is committed to comply with all applicable legal requirements in respect of energy efficiency, conservation and its reporting.

  • Energy Conservation Awareness

    To keep abreast with latest development in energy conservation technologies and inculcate energy conservation culture in all our activities.