National Cleaner Production Center NCPC- Foundation
Green the World through Cleaner Technology
Protect Environment through Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Soil

The National Cleaner Production Center (NCPC) Pakistan aims to introduce and promote Cleaner Production techniques & processes for pollution prevention at source along with integrated waste management.

Cleaner Production provides an integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes and products in order to reduce risk to human and the environment. Through the CP program, NCPC is bridging the gap between competitive industrial production, and environmental concerns. This initiative is the first of its kind in Pakistan with the aim of introducing Cleaner Production Technologies & Cleaner Products.

NCPC provides Integrated Solution for Diversified ENVIRONMENTAL Problems including:

  • The management/disposal of Hazardous Industrial and Hospital Waste through Incineration/Bioremediation
  • Trainings on Cleaner production techniques, EMS (ISO-14000)
  • Technical assistance/ policy Advice
  • Environmental audits, Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental and Energy Audits, Air & Water Quality Impact Assessment
  • Analysis of Wastewater, Flue Gas, Ambient Air &Petroleum Products


Incineration is the controlled combustion of Hazardous Waste to avoid release of Hazardous gases to the atmosphere. NCPC’s three-chambered Incinerator is providing services to Industry and Hospitals
Bioremediation of oil spills and oily sludge; For the oil refineries and oil companies, through application of Microbes, to convert any contaminated soil into normal soil.
Our Objectives
  1. Promote Cleaner Production (CP) throughout Pakistan
  2. Policy Support, Cleaner Fuels and Cleaner Products
  3. Cleaner Production Demonstration Projects
  4. Capacity-building
Our Commitment
  1. Benefiting the environment through CP techniques
  2. Minimizing the creation of waste and pollutants (Pollution Prevention)
  3. Increasing competitiveness by reducing the consumption of materials, energy, toxic substances and water
  4. Increasing overall organizational efficiency
Our Plan
The organization aims to be acknowledged in the field of environmental management as an innovative, dynamic and distinctive contributor. To this end, NCPC will motivate its community to establish and promote an environmentally responsible culture that maximizes the effective use of National resources and a Shift in Thinking towards waste minimization at source by the strategy of Reduce, Recover and Reuse.
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