Subsidiaries / Associated Companies

ARL is a member of Attock Group of Companies, a fully integrated group covering all segments of oil and gas industry from exploration, production and refining to marketing of a wide range of petroleum products besides also engaged in manufacturing and trading of cement, information technology, etc.

Some of the leading Companies of the Group in Pakistan are as under:





    AHL was incorporated on August 24,1998. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARL. The company is engaged in providing medical services to the employees and families of Attock Group Companies and to the community of Morgah region in Rawalpindi. AHL is dedicated to the development of an integrated system of health care services, with a commitment to service excellence.

    AITSL is an emerging Information Technology services company. It is assisting the Attock Group Companies in adapting to and implementing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, SCADA, Plant Automation, Oil Movement & Storage Solution, Remote Well Head, Pipeline Management and Monitoring as well as other technology intensive solutions. AITSL has been catering to the demands of IT related outsourcing, centralization of IT operations and services, design and implementation of Local and Wide Area Networks, Wireless Connectivity, Supervising ERP Implementation and CCTV based security solutions. Attock Information Technology Services (Pvt.) Limited (AITSL) was incorporated on October 27, 2000 as a Private Limited Company to setup basic infrastructure, communication systems and computer installation and provision of IT related services.


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