Job Opportunities

The following positions are advertised for ARL 27MW Captive Power Plant.


Shift Incharge

DAE (Mechanical) with at least 10 years’ experience at HFO based Diesel Engine Power Plant. Experience of working with Independent Power Plants (IPPs) would be preferred. The applicant should be capable of independently supervising shift operations including engine room operations, waste heat boilers and control room operations.


Engine Room Operator

DAE (Mechanical) with at least 6 years’ experience at HFO based Diesel Engine Power Plant. The Incumbent should have experience at engine room operations including separators, water treatment plant and waste heat boilers


Control Room Operator

DAE (Electrical) with at least 10 years’ experience at HFO based diesel engine power plant. Experience of working with IPPs would be added advantage.

Assistant Engine Room Operator (Boiler Operator)

DAE Mechanical with class-C boiler certification, having at least 3 years’ experience at Waste heat recovery boilers. The incumbent having experience at Diesel engines and water treatment plant will be preferred.

Diesel Mechanic

DAE (Mechanical) with 8 years’ experience at maintenance of HFO based Diesel Engines.


ARL is an equal opportunity employer. Any attempt to influence the selection procedure, directly or indirectly will disqualify the applicant. Interested candidates meeting the criteria are encouraged to email their and while doing so kindly take into consideration following suggestions:

  1. Your CV will be preferred on candidate information form.
  2. Kindly ensure to complete the form in all respects.
  3. Kindly Write the position applied for and your professional qualification in the subject field of your mail.

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